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You're Kiddin'!

Being pregnant has opened a whole new world for my son. He has a lot of questions about the baby: how Mommy uses her body to feed the baby (B: Can I try? M: No, it's only for babies. I fed you that way when you were a baby and soon it will be your brother's turn); How does the baby get in your tummy? How does the baby get out of your tummy?

He is just fascinated. In speaking with other MOPers (Mothers of Preschoolers), apparently, it's a question that 4 1/2 boys have been asking. (It just so happens that the other MOPers have sons and they happen to be Boogie's age).  I have just avoided the question and keep saying "we'll talk about it when your father gets home." It's not that I don't to tell him, but my standard answer, "God put the baby in Mommy's tummy" is just not cutting it for him.  He wants to how God put the baby in Mommy's tummy. I've been looking for a preschool friendly way to tell him how it happens. I got one when I went to a MOPs MNO (Mom's Night Out). Another mom told her son that mommies have eggs and that babies grow in those eggs in mommy's tummy. That answer worked for me and I was prepared to use it when Boogie asked again.

Yesterday before we headed to the store, Boogie asked me again how babies got into a mommy's tummy.  I told him that Mommy has eggs and that when a baby is ready it grows in her tummy.  He looked at me, gave me a small smile, and waited. When he realized that was it, he giggled and said, "You're kiddin'!"  I told him, "I'm not kidding. It's the truth."  "Mommy, I think you're teasing me. Mommies don't have eggs! They are not reptiles, dinosaurs, or birds!"  "Mommies do have eggs, but they are on the inside.  Do you know how dinosaurs have nests for their eggs?  Mommies have a womb in their tummy and it's a nest for the baby egg. It stays there until it's ready to be born." In an awed voice, "You have a womb and it's like a dinosaur nest, and the baby stays there until it's born. You're kiddin!"

I got two or three more of "you're kiddin'!" and "Mommy, I think you're teasing me."  But I can tell he's thinking about it and the idea is fermenting in his brain. I guarantee he'll bring it up to Hubby or someone else in the next few weeks. But I loved his sweet, goofy smile and his incredulous, "You're kiddin'!"  I just hope I can hold him off until I can find a good book on babies to share with him!