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When You Get a Little, You Have to Give a Little

Yesterday, Hubby was able to come up a few hours early. He came home in time so that I didn't have to get up, wake up Buggy, and pick up Boogie from preschool.  He came home and went directly went to Boogie's classroom. When they got home I was in bed under the covers trying to nap.

Boogie doesn't yet know the meaning of "shhhhh" or please use your indoor voice. His voice is turned up almost all the time. Maybe he's prepping himself to be one of a lot of kids in our house, who knows. It's kind of hard to sleep when he's calling from downstairs, calling from upstairs, or on the main floor talking to himself. He's just loud. Fortunately, I'm so used to it, I'm starting to learn to nap through it.

Hubs came home, played with the kids in the basement to let Mama sleep. Except that meant kicking playground balls into the wall, having the children squealing with delight, and lots of excited yelling.  He later asked if we could hear them. Um, yeah. So much for napping :) But I was happy the kids were having fun with this extra time with Daddy.

Hubs made dinner, cleaned up dinner, and did the bedtime routine with the kids. While I joined the family for dinner, I went to bed soon after dinner. I missed the nighttime hugs and kisses, and I think I was asleep well before the kids were even in bed.

This was all very nice. It was also our preemptive strike for me to be as well as possible this weekend since a friend of ours will be here.  We are a family who likes to give, and unfortunately, we seem to always give them our germs. Yuck!

This, however, does not come without a price.  Since Hubby came home a few hours early, it meant that after he put the kids to bed and cleaned up the kitchen he had to work from home.  He worked for several hours to put in the hours that he missed at the office. He's also been working on a memo with his team that has been written, edited, revised, rewritten, re-edited, and written again. Yesterday's presentation was a final go on the matter, and now he's on to "next steps." Unfortunately, "next steps" means that he will be working late at the office tonight and most of next week.

So my  few hours of rest will be balanced with Hubby working late next week. Fortunately, he'll have Thursday off (thank you federal holidays!) and he has his Flex Friday off, if he can get the work done over the next 4 work days.

I am so grateful for the extra help yesterday, but maybe I should be careful what I ask for. 1 day of extra help=to 4 late nights at the office. But maybe it's good he came home early to help me. I do have a feeling that he would have been working late next week, anyway. The next steps have a deadline and if I didn't get the help I needed it would have been 5 late nights at the office instead of 1 night working from home and 4 nights in the office.

Kudos to Hubby for stepping up and giving me a hand!