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What Was I Thinking?

When I decided to become a SAHM I knew that I wanted to be available to volunteer for my kids' activities. No question. I wanted to (and still want to) be involved.  However, with that being said, I also knew that I didn't want any leadership positions. After spending 4 years in leadership where I worked, I knew that I was burnt out and wanted a break. So what have I done?

I have recently:
--Volunteered to be the volunteer coordinator (leadership team) for our church's Summer Bible Camp.
--Volunteered my husband and I (with his permission) to lead baptism classes for those who want their children baptized in our parish
--Volunteered to be the publicity coordinator (Steering team/leadership team) for our MOPs group.

It seems like I can't help myself and have volunteered for various things.  Why?

I volunteered to coordinate the volunteers for Summer camp because I feel that our Summer Camp is a wonderful experience and I think that Boogie benefits from it.  It could also have something to do with the fact that I was two weeks post-partum when I got the e-mail and I thought July was sooooo far away. Um, it didn't occur to me that I needed to get the volunteers before July. Yeah, I blame the new mommy fog for that decision.

Why volunteer to lead baptism classes? Hubby and I have discussed it for years and the opportunity became available. We think it's an important program and it was something we could do together. They will also provide childcare for us so that's a bonus. It's also only twice a year , with each session being 3 Saturdays. So a total of 6 Saturdays a year.  I'm looking forward to serving our parish with my husband.

Lastly, I love to write and I thought it would be fun to put together the MOPs monthly newsletter. I just didn't realize it was a leadership position. I'll give it a year and see how it goes.

But as I am looking at a weekend where I need to (wo)man the tables after each Mass to encourage people to volunteer for camp, I'm a bit overwhelmed. What was I thinking?  My husband says that I tend to overextend myself and I do. I really, really need to get over the guilt of saying "no" to volunteer opportunities. I just can't help myself.

With Summer just around the corner, I find myself having to volunteer for Swim Team stuff (it's in the handbook) and I was met with members of the PTA when I registered Boogs for kindergarten.

I really, really need to learn to:
--say "No, I'm sorry. I can't do it at this time."
--not feel guilty (recognize and repeat)
--choose only those opportunities that I would truly enjoy doing. (Right now, I'm the most concerned about Summer camp. But I am looking forward to the Baptism ministry and MOPs). I think I would have preferred to teach during camp. But I'm only volunteering once this year and being the volunteer coordinator should be enough for right now.

How do you all deal with being asked to volunteer?