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My Kids are My Gig

After posting last week about all the volunteering I'm doing, received some good advice. You can read the comments from my friend J. on the previous post. My friend A. told me to tell anybody asking if I can volunteer that I have to consult her and then she'll yell at me. HA!  Actually, I've asked her to remind me and tell me NO when I call her and tell her I feel guilty that I will not be volunteering the week of camp. She'll remind me that I'm doing my volunteering now!

I spoke to my husband about it this weekend and he reminded me that I volunteer for two other ministries at church. How can I forget? It's because I have too many!

So here's the breakdown:
--St. Martin Ministry (cleaning the church)--to be honest I have not done this as much since I was put on bedrest in September.  With t-ball and still only being 14 weeks postpartum, I haven't gotten into the swing of things with this ministry. But my husband still does it faithfully and brings the older children. We like this one because we can serve as a family.

--Respect Life Committee--This one I'm passionate about and will hang on to it.

--Summer Bible Camp--This year I'm the volunteer coordinator, next year I plan on taking a smaller role if my children are enrolled.

--MOPs publicity--Write the newsletter and look over the fliers for distribution. I'm looking forward to it, but I have been duly warned that I may have bit off more than I can chew. My source being someone who wrote the monthly newsletter for her MOMs group.

--Swim Team--gotta do it. It's required

Is there another one? I'm sure there is.

But I have to remember that volunteering isn't my job. My kids are my job and the reason I am home with them. I love the volunteer opportunities and I love serving. I know that I wouldn't be able to do it if I worked outside of the home. But my kids are my priority and I have to remember that. I love them and I'm blessed to be home with them.

So as someone else wrote on her blog about something similar, I have to get over myself ;)