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Summer by the Pool

I will be spending the majority of my Summer poolside.  It's not as glamorous as it seems at first glance. I have finally decided to register my oldest for our community swim team.  While he is learning how to swim and learn to be a part of a team, I will be busy trying to keep my younger two kids fully occupied so that my daughter will not be tempted to take an impromptu swim.

Start time?  9:30am. The water will be cold and I will have to figure out how to hustle 3 children out of the house on time everyday for a month.

Because I'm making it sound like so much fun you're probably wondering why I'm doing this. I'm doing it because I swam when I was a kid. I was on the community swim team for five years until we moved the Summer before I entered high school. My parents enrolled me so that I would learn how to swim. My dad was a deep sea diver in the Navy and water was a part of his every day life. This was also a way for me to make friends, which was difficult for a shy, unsure wallflower.

I swam and I loved it. I knew that I wasn't the best swimmer and rarely swam in "A" meets. I was a "B" team swimmer. But I still loved it. I was a part of a team. I loved the meets. The excitement, the cheering, the water, knowing that I swam my hardest.

Till this day, swimming is my preferred method of exercise, though at this time I rarely get a chance to do it. I wanted to pass on my love for the water to my children. At this time, Boogie seems to love it the most. He loves swimming, he loves the water, and he'd spend everyday at the pool if he could. He's even asked to have a beach created in the backyard so that he could swim. So here we go.

Swim on, swim hard!