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MOPs Revisited

Last night I went to my last MOPs social event for the year. I remember my apprehension after joining the group in September. Everybody looked so well put together and I had barely made it on time. I had two kids and was pregnant with the third. I had clean hair, but could not find my hair brush and I was dressed very, very casually.

After spending 9 months with these ladies, I am happy to say that I'm glad that I joined the group. I had been looking for a playgroup, Mom's group for quite some time before I was able to join MOPs.  At first I was intimidated by the group because the group looked...well...liked they stepped out of a "perfect mother" billboard.  I barely had it together and they looked relaxed and happy and I felt so discombobulated.

But as time wore on and I went to the meetings, I really enjoyed my time there. I was able to put my kids in childcare and didn't have to worry. I always felt refreshed after listening to a speaker and spending time with the girls in my group.  I was able to relate to them better than I thought I would.  We had a few good laughs and I felt that I could tackle my day so much better. I connected with the ladies on a spiritual level. It was nice to be able to ask for prayer or to offer prayer support for someone else. As this year's director said repeatedly, "This is your time to be loved on." And it was. It was a time where I could have breakfast and conversation with another mom without having to worry if my kids were eating or helping them with their food. It was a time for me to make a craft or just sit and talk to someone. It was a great break in my week.

After Bam Bam's arrival the group coordinated meals to be delivered to our house to help us with the transition. It was a huge help and blessing to us.  My husband couldn't believe that people who didn't even know us were coming over to drop off meals for us so that we didn't have to worry about cooking and we could concentrate on the kids or I could get squeeze in a nap in the afternoon without having to worry about "what's for dinner" when hubby had to go back to work.

I was very blessed to find these ladies.  I know that I didn't meet everyone this year, but I look forward to making some new friendships in the Fall.