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Week in the Life: Day 1

Week in the Life:  Day 1

I'm taking this idea from my friend Mandi. I was reading her blog and she decided to do a week long blog using pictures to describe her day/week.  I loved the idea so much I thought I'd give it a try.  It really made me stop throughout my day to analyze my day.  Maybe it will be an insight to why I'm so discombobulated...or just an affirmation that I made the right decision to stay home with my beautiful children.  I thought about putting the posts in my family blog, but some of the pictures are so quintessentially discombobulated that I felt that they belonged here.  Welcome to Day One.

How I start every morning. My devotional on the book of Luke, The Soccer Mom Devotional, and my trusty Macbook.

My constantly cluttered kitchen counter. My catchall for all things throughout the day. I need to find a better system!

Wrapped present for our neighbor's 3rd birthday.

No crying over spilt milk. Unfortunately this was the first of 4 spills today.  My daughter is learning independence and it didn't matter if there was a lid on her cup or not, it spilled. *sigh*

Pigtails make me happy!

The independence of which I speak. Buggy stealing a sip of milk from her brother's cup.

My beautiful daughter with a milk mustache and a runny nose.

In the midst of writing thank you notes for my son's birthday gifts.  I admit I bribed him with jellybeans to sign his name on each one.

My son's constant companion, Chester.

Spring planting

My companion and nemesis rolled into one.