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In Need of a Do-Over

Yesterday, it was just one thing after another!  It probably didn't help that I woke up with a bit of a bad attitude because my car was in the shop. But I love my car, not because it's fashionable or fancy, but because it's my car and I feel stranded without it!

Why I think I need a do-over:

7am--Take Hubby to metro so he can go to work and I can still have a car.  (Wake up kids who would have probably slept in today and get them in the car to take Daddy to Metro).

8:33am--Call Children's Hospital (3rd call) to set up an appt. for my son. I had gotten a referral from Kaiser to have them evaluate my son's walking. He walks on his toes and has been doing it consistently since he could walk. He's 4.  Even though the last two times I called they said that to call back in the morning and they start taking calls at 8:30, I got a message machine saying that they take calls at 9am. The person who answered my call and transferred me was incredibly rude. Asked me what I was calling for and while I was trying to explain, cut me off without any explanation and transferred me to another department while I was in the middle of talking. Found myself talking to music.

9:10--Leave for gym (an hour later than I wanted to!)  After 10 minutes of trying to figure out how to fit my double stroller in the our 4-door sedan and missing my minivan even more!

11:10am--sitting in parking lot at McD's, not for food, but so I could call JCPenney's to see if I could come in to view the pictures that they took the day before my Buggy. They couldn't show them to me yesterday because they were too busy but assured me I could come in anytime yesterday to view and purchase.  It was at this time my daughter starts screaming and crying.  When I asked my son what happened I get the classic response, "I don't want to tell you." After much effort to he asks, "What would happen to me if I told you I bit her?" *sigh* Come to find out he bit her finger. He doesn't know why, or so he says.  As he's explaining why he won't tell me what he did, he's crying loudly.  Took me 15 minutes to find the right number for Penney's because the number I was given the day before was for the optical department, not the portrait studio. Thank goodness for cell phones with internet. Got the number, only to be told by a different photographer that he could set me up to view the pictures, but he had an appointment at the same time.

11:45-12:35--waiting to view the pictures, viewed the pictures, waiting to be seen so that I could pay for pictures.  Took way longer than necessary. I was told that two people would be in the studio that day and I would be helped if I came in anytime before 2pm. I did, they didn't.  Two hungry children and 1 in desperate need for a nap made for a grumpy mommy.

12:35--Lunch to go from Mcd's for the kids.  I hate that I did this, but they were starving and so was I.

1:15--Baby down for a nap. Called Children's again, same rude person, same cut off, same transfer, only to be talking to a message machine to leave my name, number, and reason for my call and that they would get back to me in the next 48-72 hours. *sigh* This was the 4th call I made to try to get an appointment for my son.

1:30--Car shop called. "Ma'am, we can't find anything wrong with your car."  This is after my car wouldn't start several times and when it did start it died immediately 2x in a row.  Which is why we took it in and yet the car started for them several times and perfectly. So we wasted a day?

4:30pm--Had to call the exterminator to find out what time they were coming because I had to leave in 30 min. to pick up Hubby from the metro to get the car before the shop closed.   My bad, I didn't realize it was a 2 hour window, and they technician couldn't get there until after I had to leave to pick up Hubby. Fortunately, receptionist was really, really nice and helpful!

5:20--20 minutes late picking up Hubby, because baby had a mini-blow out in her diaper. Had to change everything before leaving the house.

5:30--Car shop didn't see that my husband asked them to do an oil change, so nothing happened with the minivan that day. Nothing.

5:45--walk in door and promptly dropped a glass bottle of Izze blackberry soda on my tile kitchen tile floors that I had just wet-Swiffered not only 2 hours before. Glass and soda everywhere.

I just felt like it was one thing after another! I was in desperate need of a do-over. My husband "helpfully" told me that I was very grumpy.  Fortunately today is just t-ball and swim class. The rest of the day is "free!"  Now to get all the errands don today that I couldn't get done yesterday!

Good things
I feel like I should tell you of the few good things that happened yesterday:

1. My son woke up with a dry pull-up. I heard him get up at 2:30am to go to the bathroom. He came in to give my Hubby and me and kiss and he went back to bed. Woke up to dryness. Awesome!

2.  The receptionist at Ehrlich Pest Control was really understanding and helpful. After a full day of not-so-very helpful people, she was was breath of fresh air. Which is one of the reasons, I will probably use them again. Oh, and because they got rid of my ants!

3.  When my husband came home to find me on my hands and knees cleaning up glass and blackberry soda. He took over and I watched my son play outside for a few minutes.

4.  Headed to bed to find that Glee was doing a repeat or Tuesday's episode and I wouldn't have to Hulu later in the day. I'm a Gleek.

5. Two happy pictures I took while waiting for dinner to heat up.

My happy boys.

My happy Sunshine