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Targus Bag Giveaway on J. Leigh Designz

In January my wonderful Hubby bought me a new laptop. I love it. It's so much faster than our old Dell. Getting a new Macbook has been wonderful. I love how quick it is and I use it everyday, whether I'm bloggin', planning meals on Plan to Eat, or checking out Facebook.  One of the things that I really need is a new laptop bag. Especially for all the trips I take to the Apple store learning how to use my Macbook, or for all of the traveling we'll do this summer.

I found a bag that I know will work out for me! J. Leigh Designz did a review on the Targus 17" CityGear Miami Messenger Bag.  After reading the review for the  Targus 17"CityGear Miami Messenger Bag I know this is the bag for me! The fact that it has multiple pockets for my laptop and then my kids' gear for long trips is perfect.  I love the idea that it will be easy to use at the airport and that I can do everything one handed while still holding onto my two little loves while we are traveling.  Check out the review on J.Leigh Designz Targus Bag Giveaway and check out her giveaway. Take a look at the Targus  website and check out their other gear.  I became a fan on Facebook and love that I found a new place to help me organize my discombobulated life :)

Anything I find that I think will be useful in my discombobulated life, I am happy to pass it on to you. Check it out and let me know what you think!