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Game On, wait Game Off, No, Game On!

Thanks for the blog title, Jessica.  So in thinking about having baby #3, it's been on my mind a lot.  Especially now that I have lost all of the baby weight from both kids, I feel like it's time to start trying if I'm going to try. No sense in waiting for the the littlest one to be out of diapers for a while to try this thing again. At least I'll still be in the habit of changing diapers.

Sitting in Church yesterday I watched my son go in to give his sister a little hug and a tiny push, enough to send her off the pew and onto her back on the hard cement floor. Doh! He was on his stomach on the pew behind me and the hubby. I said, "Jeez!" grabbed his legs and slid him to me. My daughter is crying and Hubby is trying to console her. Boogie is seeing this and saying, "I want Daddy to hold me." Um, not a chance Buddy, you just knocked your sister off the pew and she's crying. He ended up being held by me for the next ten minutes. I could tell he felt bad. As I'm holding him, and listening to her cry, I'm thinking, this is exactly why I'm not ready for a third. Game off!

Buggy stops crying but now has a lovely red line from her bottom lip to the end of her chin. We don't know how she got it, but she got in in the process of falling off the pew.  I'm thinking, how in the world can I do this? There is no way we can handle a third. Right now it's man to man. I got one, you've got one. If we have a third it's all about zone, baby.  Someone is always going to be outnumbered and I have a feeling it's going to be me.

As the sermon continues and Buggy is sitting peacefully in her father's arms, my son gets off my lap, walks over to her, and then gives her several kisses on the face. Light, sweet kisses.  Guess what? Game on!