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I'd Like Another, But....

My husband and I are talking about trying for kid number three.  This isn't new news since before we were married my husband said he wanted enough for a football team. Since then, he's fortunately brought down his expectations to a reasonable number...at least two, with always the possibility of growing our family.

Here's the thing. I love my life. My two kids are the greatest. They are fun and loving. They make me laugh and remind me on a daily basis that choosing to be home with them is and will always have been the right choice for us in this time of our lives.

Boogie is 99% potty trained. We're still working on night-time dryness, but overall he's potty-trained. He will also be in preschool 4 half days a week next school year. Sweet. I can enjoy my mornings with him and get things done in the afternoons. Buggy is growing so fast and is my little helper.  She's learning new words by the day and forming more sentences by the minute.  She is already attempting potty training. Nothing yet, but at least interested. Not bad, considering she's 17 1/2 months old.  However we will have to teach her to sit down for going potty. She's watched her brother one too many times and when she tries to go, she stands at the toilet and thrusts her little pelvis towards the bowl. Too funny. But I digress....

We are in a really, really good place right now.  I feel like I'm finally got this two-kid thing down. We've had more good days versus challenging days. Boogie is being more helpful and I think we are finally sliding out of the trying 3's.  Buggy is fun and we're finally able to find time to do things just the two of us...hence enrolling her in parent-assisted soccer classes while her brother is in school and parent-assisted swim classes on Saturdays while Daddy and Boogie hang out together. Having two kids is great. I got this!

However, there are days when I am ready to pull out my hair. When all I want to do is barricade us in the house and watch hours and hours of PBS while we all snuggle together on the couch. There are days when I just can't take the fussing and the whining or having just one more thing to do, no matter how self-imposed I made it (like the soccer, the t-ball, the swimming...).  So the thought of adding one more to the mix is very daunting.

But, I don't think I'm done. I feel like our family is missing at least one more family member. Our family is complete in the sense that it's complete for right now, but there's definite room for growth.  I can already imagine our family expanding and can't imagine it without a 3rd little one to compliment it.  (I'm willing to have at least five, but I don't know if my sanity can take it. Being so type A, chaos overwhelms me. But I'll cross that bridge when I get there.)  So I guess we've made our decision. We're ready for another. But I won't be disappointed if we don't get pregnant right away. We'll just have fun trying :)