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Starting to de-stress

I was so grumpy all week. A lot of things were on my mind a lot of it being how to organize the next 3 weeks with one of them having my husband gone on business. I was also stressing about how I was going to juggle running a local 5-mile race in 3 weeks and yet get my son to his t-ball game and have someone watch my daughter. Before it was going to be me running the race and my husband taking the kids to the t-ball game. I was sad I would miss my son's last game, but happy that my husband would be able to do it.

Unfortunately, we just found out that he would be out of town and might possibly get in during the wee hours of Saturday morning.  Not the greatest because he would be tired from all of his traveling and then having to juggle the kids.  Now we found out that in order to be home for the game, he would have to take the red eye back and not get back until around 7am, and by the time he got home, the t-ball game would have already started, which still leaves us with the dilemma of what to do with the kids: pull out of the race? Run the race and have someone babysit the kids and miss the t-ball game? Call on friends or family to take both kids to the t-ball game?  All of the options have been running through my head. None are ideal and I absolutely loathe calling friends or family for favors because I hate putting people on the spot.  I always try to handle it on my own if possible.

Fortunately my husband does not have this problem.  He explained the dilemma to my parents last night and asked my mom to watch the kids and I held my breath. My dad was listening and offered not to run the race with me and offered to help my mom instead. Sigh of relief. This will work out.  I hate asking my parents to watch the kids, because I never want to seem like I'm taking them for granted. I really try to space out when asking them to watch the kids and have started calling a babysitter more often to watch the kids when we go out (though I only ask my parents to help out about once a month, apparently that's too often).   My parents have admitted that watching both kids is very tiring and hard for both of them. They love the kids, but my son is super active and my daughter calls everyone Mommy, making my mom think that my daughter is constantly calling for me (which she isn't). This causes them to become very tired. I should also clarify that both my parents work full-time and my father plays drums in a band. Both are in their 50's. They're tired.

It's amazing that having this one very stressful dilemma solved has made me less grumpy. I think my grumpiness is a side affect of my anxiety.  It's usually the reason.  I'm still concerned about the next 3 weeks because it will just be crazy busy for us, but I feel like I will be able to get things done.  Big thank you to my BFF, Jessica, who knows of stress and is bringing her girls over for a play date with my kids next month so that I can get a few things done.  I am so grateful!  Let the good times roll!