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Warm Winter Weather

We've had some crazy weather. The last two days it has been above 60 degrees. That's just nuts for our region. We usually have some snow by now.  It's been really, really warm.

We took advantage of the warm weather yesterday and the kids pulled out their bike helmets and glided and tricycled around our cul-de-sac. Our next door neighbors and our backyard neighbors were outside also and it was so nice to see the kids playing together. It's something that I always wanted when we moved into our neighborhood. A safe place for my kids to play with their neighborhood friends. It seems like we got it.

The kids get along fairly well and I'm getting to know my next door neighbor better. I figure with the way the housing market is going, we'll be in this house for the rest of our lives so it's good to make friends with the neighbors.

After experiencing blizzards the last two years I thought I would be over snow. But I gotta tell ya, I wouldn't mind a little of the white stuff. Our Winter doesn't seem complete without one good snowman gracing our yard or a good slide down a sledding hill.

Winter's not over yet, maybe there's still a chance :)