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To Get Organized first you have to...

Mondays and Wednesdays are my usual cleaning/organizing days.  Yesterday I started to go through and put some things away from Christmas, recycle boxes, kind of straighten up to see where I need help when my SILs come today.

I realized that as I was doing this where my downfalls are in organizing. It's having a system in place everywhere. I have some systems in place in various parts of the house, but the whole house isn't there yet (hence the dreaded basement dumping ground).  For example, yesterday I attempted to put back an extra comforter and blanket I had taken out when we had guests this past weekend. They were never used, so I was going to put them away. I tried to walk in the linen closet and was promptly stopped because I couldn't get in all the way because the luggage we store there started to topple. So I had to take things out, try to reconfigure them so that they are not in the way. Oh, and while I was looking at that, I had to fix one of the baskets that holds all the pillow cases because it was falling off it's runner. That took 20 minutes to figure out. By the time I figured it out, put back all the pillowcases, put back the luggage, it was time for me to shower so that I would be on time to feed the kids their lunch and then drop off Boogs at preschool on time. By the way, the comforter and blanket have yet to make it back into the linen closet. One more thing to attempt to do today.

Being self-diagnosed ADD means that I have a lot of great ideas, a lot of projects in the works, and a lot of frustration because things are half-done. I don't have the focus and the stamina to stay with a project until it's done when it comes to housecleaning/organizing. It's not my strong suite, so therefore, it's a lot harder for me to focus and figure it out.

If you look at my house it's a trail of things that are sort of put away. You can see the systems that I have in place, but they aren't always used. So I have to go back and get in the habit of using them.

Being somewhat ADD I am often torn between spending just a few minutes tidying up each area so that they look somewhat presentable and spending a longer amount of time on one area and getting it totally organized before moving on, which means that one part of the house is awesome and the rest not so much until I can get there again, which may be awhile.

Any suggestions out there? What do you to stay organized throughout the house? Do you have a system?  Do you do a massive cleaning? How do you maintain your daily organization?

I'd like to get the house better organized before Baby #3 arrives!