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Epiphany Gifts

Last Thursday was Epiphany. Hubby and I have celebrated it with a small gift to each other and after Boogie was born we added him to the gift giving. This year Hubby was out of town and I placed a small gift for each child under the tree to celebrate Epiphany.  Boogie was pleased that I had remembered and then I continued our holiday celebration with our celebration breakfast of breakfast rolls and eggs.  Even though Hubby couldn't be here for it, it just seemed that we should still do it.

Epiphany is the time that the Magi came and presented gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to Jesus. This year it just happened that I had three wise women come to my house and they presented gifts of order, preparation, and support for when Hubby was away and for the impending arrival of our new baby.  While I will not be so irreverent as to compare myself to Mary, I wonder if she felt as I did that day that this baby is very truly loved.

Two of my SILs and one of my BFFs came on Epiphany. They came on a perfect day. The last day of Hubby's business trips is usually the one where I fall apart from exhaustion. However, this trip, my kids were awesome playing together nicely and listening to Mommy. They went to bed on time and got themselves ready in the morning.

But this is the trip where my husband was very concerned that I would be going into labor without him and I hope it gave him some peace of mind that I was being well cared for in his absence. The girls came and clean & organized the house, washed the baby clothes, and helped me to transfer the last of Buggy's things into her new room.  I know that they did more, but I can't even name all of them.  Most of all they gave me support and love without judgement. I say that because when they walked in, the house had looked liked it exploded because I haven't been able to keep up with the housework. (I'm too large and too tired these days).

I am so very blessed by the gifts presented by my sisters and yes, J., I consider you a sister, too!  I feel like I am ready for this baby's arrival, whether it be this week or in the next 3 1/2 weeks. Thank you, ladies for all of your help and love. Knowing that you are right there to lend a hand is a huge blessing. Thank you.