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I realize that with the 2nd child I have not recorded her talking or doing things as much as I did with the first child. I really need to remedy that. She has so many cute sayings and I'm missing them all. My husband wants them saved.

Most recently, I was getting ready to get the kids out the door to take Boogie to preschool. I keep my keys in two places (most of the time).  The first place is the key hook (duh), but how many times do I forget to put it there? Most often than not, I do put it there, but if my keys aren't there, then I look in my purse. The last place is my jacket pockets.  My husband has been known to accidentally take my keys with him to work and that's happened maybe 3 times in the last year.

On Monday, I noticed my keys were not on the key hook. I looked in my purse (okay, I was digging in my purse. I really need to clean it out more regularly!)  More to myself than to anyone I said, "Oh, no!" and my 2 year old looked at me with a knowing look and asked, "Can't find your keys?" This makes me wonder how many times she's heard me say, "oh, no" while digging in my purse. Obviously enough so that she knows that when I say it, I can't find my keys. Hmmmmmmm.

We gave Buggy a new baby doll for Christmas. It came with all sorts of baby gear: cradle, swing, carrier, food, etc.  When I asked her for her baby's name she said it was, "Baby Stinky." She did have a little help from her big brother in naming the baby. Sometimes she waffles and says Baby Teresa, who is until recently, the youngest of the cousins.  But for the most part it's Baby Stinky.  She loves to introduce her to people when we are out on errands.

Lastly, I had to take her with me to my doctor's appointment. She looked at my OB very seriously, pointed at my belly and said, "Baby stuck!" I think she's just as ready as I am for this baby to arrive. But the doctor told me on Monday that she would really like it if I can keep him in for at least another week or two. I'd like to comply, but with the contractions I have had off and on the last few days, it's looking doubtful.  Just yesterday I started with contractions when I woke up and they last until 4pm in the afternoon. But while I was having them they started to get stronger every few hours. I was sure that we would make a trip to the hospital...but alas they stopped around 4pm. So maybe he'll stay "stuck" for a few weeks yet, or at least a few more days.

Here's a video of Bug introducing Baby Stinky.