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Time with Mama

Last night, I took Bug to her final "Mommy and Me" dance class.  Even though she did just fine on her own the night before in the baby beginner combo class, she was clamoring for attention. She tried to get me to pick her up (which I can't per doctor's orders), she climbed into my lap, and wanted to hold my hand for the routines.  Boogie sat on the sidelines and after watching "Dinosaur Train" on the ipod. When I went to check on him, he grabbed me, hugged me and didn't want to let me go. He was "lonely" watching all by himself.

The last few days, Buggy has been waking up from bedtime and naps with tears and calling for me. When Hubby gets her ready for bed or if he is the one to get her up in the morning, she fusses and begs for Mommy. Boogie has been asking for more snuggle time with Mommy before bedtime.

It appears that with each passing day and as my belly gets larger and larger, my kids are (and maybe in Buggy's case unconsciously) realizing that their time with me (as they currently know it) is up.  Soon there will be another sibling to contend with Mommy will be spreading herself between three children and not just the two.

Boogie knows what he's in for. After sharing with us the possibility of giving his younger sister away (and no, it wasn't even a consideration) he has resigned himself to the fact that yes, Buggy is here, and she is here to stay.  He's knows what's coming next with the new baby.

Buggy, on the other hand is still enamored with the idea of a big sister, but will be in for a shocker when she realizes that Mommy won't be able to come running when she calls because inevitably Mommy will be nursing a newborn and won't be able to juggle  a very mobile two year old and a newborn at one time.

So I am trying to spend as much time with my two wonderful children before the baby arrives. I know that sounds silly because I'm already a stay-at-home mom. But I'm looking for ways to spend time doing things with each of them. Yesterday, Boogie and I spent time building towers out of blocks while Buggy played by herself in her room. This morning, Buggy and I snuggled on the couch enjoying the quiet of the morning before Boogie woke up. She and I covered ourself with blankets and sat quietly while I held her.  It was really nice.

I'm enjoying this little bit of extra attention that I'm getting from the kids. Before I know it, the baby will be here, Boogie will start kindergarten, and Buggy will be dancing all by herself and won't need Mama to hold her hand. Life moves too fast and I will make sure we enjoy the time we have!