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After yesterday's post about my son wanting to try dance classes I decided to contact the dance teacher to discuss options.  Last night Boogie tried a Jazz/tap/ballet combo and on Saturday he will try a hip hop class.  I will let him choose from there and also get some feedback from the teacher about what she thinks is best.  I've decided that if he really wants to dance, then he can. But this also means we might have to say no to soccer for a while, because Mama has a rule about one activity per season. With two kids doing at least one activity and another one on the way, I can only do so much carting around.

I didn't watch his entire lesson, but what I saw seemed pretty good. He had on his listening ears and I could tell that he was really trying to focus and concentrate on what he was doing. He waited his turn and truly tried to master the steps. I was really proud of him. I think his favorite part of class was the jazz session.  He kept showing me one of the moves. The best part, though, was when he told me he was tired on the way home. Score. He had worked hard.  We'll see how it goes on Saturday.

Buggy had a make-up class because she missed a class a few weeks ago. There wasn't a "Mommy and Me" class last night, but there was a baby beginner combo. Same class, just without the mommies.  I think she was a little nervous at first, but she she was excited about it. I peeked in on her a couple of times through the window and she seemed to be following along. I think her being with older kids, without Mama, was a really good thing. I think she was more willing to try on her own.  The two teachers in the room were great and helped her with the moves and someone was always next to her or holding her hand to give her help when she needed it. She was very excited when she was finished. As a result I've decided to switch her from the "Mommy and Me" class to the "Baby Beginner Combo." This is good all around. It will give her some independence and give her exposure to a group setting. It also helps to keep Mama off her feet for a little while longer.

So here's to dancing like no one is watching!