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Two days ago I read a post from my friend Mandi at Life Your Way. I loved it so much that I have to share it with you.  Check out her post on motherhood and see if doesn't give you some perspective: http://motherhood.yourway.net/how-i-do-it-all-secrets-from-a-perfect-wife-and-mother/

I needed this right now as I (continuously) struggle to balance time with my kids, household chores, and my never ending to-do list.  If I was a working mom instead of a stay-at-home mom I guarantee that things would be even more chaotic at home. For you working mothers, I applaud you!  I decided to stay home because I couldn't give 100% to my job and to my family and I had to make a choice. My kids won out and so did I!

Even though I'm home full-time I still struggle to find that balance of keeping my house in order, doing things with my kids, and finding ways to knock things off my to-do list. Reading Mandi's post on motherhood reminds  me that for every one thing I'm doing, I'm choosing to doing something else. Of course my house will be a little crazy and imperfect if I'm running around taking the kids to outings, playdates, and classes/lessons.  Of course the house would be better if I decided to devote all of my time to my house and not spend as much time doing fun things with the kids.  So I do a little of both and neither is perfect but it's still good.

My house is clean enough that if people were to stop by they are not horrified. My kids are well-rounded enough that if I don't do another class or outing or lesson they will be just fine. I needed that perspective and that reminder. Thanks, Mandi.

It helps that I have incredible support system with my wonderful Hubby and our friends and family. I have to remember I'm never doing it alone. Someone is always giving me a hand when I need it most. Thanks, Honey, I love you! Thanks, Friends! Just knowing your there is enough to keep me going :)