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St. Patrick's Day

Hello and Happy St. Patrick's Day! Are you wearing green today? My family is! Why? Because I did the laundry late last night and made sure that everyone had something green to wear. You might think this is overboard, but as a kid I was always pinched on St. Patrick's Day for not wearing green. Do kids still do that these days? My husband chuckled at me, this morning, when I told him how I wouldn't allow my children to get pinched for not wearing green. He thinks no one does that anymore...and he doesn't remember that happening in elementary school. I do, and I have the  "Gotta wear green on St. Patrick's Day" paranoia to prove it.  For everyone else, it's fun...for me it's survival. NO PINCHING!

You would think that since my brother was born on St. Patrick's Day that someone would remember to wear green, but alas no one did and I was pinched every year from 3rd grade to Middle School. It was always on the arm and it was always more than once!  I think my mom being Asian had something to do with the fact that this was not on her list of priorities (having her kids wear green on St. Patrick's Day). As she says, "I don't understand your American jokes." Not so much a joke, but a tradition.  However, her never remembering to put us in green has now made me paranoid about having something green to wear on St. Patty's Day...to the point that if I am going through my closet to get rid of old clothes, I'll make sure that I have something green to wear...even if I'm going through the clothes mid-summer or mid-winter. Go figure!

So, Happy St. Patrick's Day. Wear green! and I hope you find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

p.s. Happy 30th Birthday, Little Brother!