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Welcome Sports Fans!

I think I have just entered the point of no return.  Last week I looked at our schedule and half the week looked like this:

Wednesday: Son's Swim Lesson
Thursday:  Son's 1st T-Ball Practice
Friday: Son's Final Soccer Class for the Season...maybe until Fall
Saturday: Daughter's Swim Lesson

Crazy!  I also just signed up my daughter for soccer lessons starting next month. Yes, my daughter is 17 months old, but I think she would love it! I scheduled it for Tuesday mornings when my son is in school. I drop him off, take her to soccer, come back and pick him up...I might be able to squeeze in a stop at Starbuck's in between :)

Our Spring schedule will like this:
Tuesday: Daughter Soccer Lesson
Thursday: Son's T-ball practice
Saturday: Son's T-ball games

My son started doing activities when my mom babysat him while I worked full-time. It was a way for them to get out of the house and keep busy since he didn't have a peer group. I started him in soccer when he was 18 months old because the kids in our playgroup were doing it and it would be the only time we would see them since I was working full-time (at the time).  Now that he's almost 4 a whole world has opened up for him. Not only can he do soccer, he is eligible for T-ball in the Spring, and Swim Team in the Summer.

I also realized last week, that I have to be at all of these events. It's not like I can drop him off (yet) and say, "See ya, have fun, Honey." I have to be there...for everything.  My time is no longer my time....

I was going to sign up my daughter for dance classes, but after I posted it on FB some months back, a friend replied about how fun it is until they sucker you into buying the expensive costumes (that they'll wear once!) for the recitals. So I held off on dance lessons and plus there was no way that I was going to spring for a babysitter for my son so that I could my daughter to expensive dance lessons that include expensive costumes. We'll just have to wait for classes to be at a better time or for my son to be old enough to stay home by himself...we've got time.

So here we are, looking at our Sports calendar for the season. I realize that this is the beginning and it just gets busier from here. I also realize that we can stop at any time, right? Technically, yes...but are really going to? Probably not, so Welcome Sports Fans!