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Spa Weekend Getaway Part II: Renewed, refreshed, and rejuvenated

Saturday morning I officially woke up just after 7am. About the time I would wake up  if I were at home and sleeping in.  I took time for my morning devotional, prayer, and blogging.  When I finally spoke with my husband hours later, I found out that he truly slept in until 8:30am and when he asked if I had done the same he laughed when I told him when I had woken up.  He said, "You don't know what to do with yourself do you?"  No, I really didn't. I am so used to taking care of someone else that it was weird not to do so. What do you do when you have hours to do whatever you want?   I ended up filling my time with reading, having a long and leisurely breakfast (I didn't have to scarf it down to assist someone else), and working on my daughter's baby book.

My best friend and I had spa appointments that weren't scheduled until 1:45.  I drank 2-3 glasses of water before the appointment because I remember reading that you can become dehydrated during a spa session, and J. was doing it, so why not. If you have ever been with me anywhere you know I suffer from "Mommy bladder." You know, having the tiniest bladder ever and the urge "to go" every 15 seconds. My mommy bladder is also combined with "anxious in new situations" bladder. A really bad combo. Why oh why didn't I think of this while I was hydrating myself before my sessions. I even thought I was being good and peed 3 times before my facial. I loved that I was forced to slow down and take my time. With our weekend package we were given a "complimentary" facial. I thought it would be a mini. But it was complimentary, so hey, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.  I was enjoying my facial that I thought was going to take 20 minutes when it happened. My bladder filling and filling and filling.  So instead of enjoying my facial which ended up lasting about an hour, I was praying and silently begging for it to be over. I think I started sweating and if I had been standing, without a doubt I would have done a great rendition of my 3 year old son's pee-pee dance.  I kept trying to think about other things, but all that kept playing in my head was my son's pee-pee dance: the anxious funny little hop, the running as fast he could to "stop" the pee-pee from happening, the adamant NO.  That was me in my head.  Not to help matters, but the technician was playing a CD with waves and had turned on of those babbling fountains to soothe the soul. Complete opposite effect.  It made me want to pee.  Here I am a grown woman getting a spa treatment thinking that the best thing in the world would be a toilet. I almost died when she said, "I'm done, can I get you some hot tea or a glass of water." Just the thought of more liquid was enough to bring me to my knees and tears to my eyes. I almost ran her over when I hopped off the table begging for a bathroom.  I apologized profusely when I returned realizing I still had to finish the rest of my treatment, a complimentary paraffin hand treatment. If I hadn't used the facilities before the hand treatment can you just imagine what would have happened when I put my hand in the warm wax. Accident City, that's what.  Thank goodness the technician was really sweet and understanding.  I finished my hand treatment and was sent to the serenity room. Ahhhhh, another place to relax before my hot stone massage. My friend joined me shortly after her facial. While we were waiting for our next session, I had to get up and go to the bathroom two more times. I think they thought there was something seriously wrong with me. No, it was me being ridiculous and drinking 2-3 glasses of water in less than hour. It reminded of me when I was pregnant and had to drink a ton of water for my mid-pregnancy sonogram. HA! and doh!doh!doh! Fortunately I was able to enjoy my hour long massage without incident. It was so awesome.  I've never indulged in a hot stone massage before and it was perfect, especially, in this cold, cold climate. I highly recommend it. My entire spa day last about 2 1/2 hours. I loved that it forced me to relax and enjoy my time (peeing excluded).  I loved that my husband was so awesome about encouraging me to go. I loved that I got to experience this weekend with one of my dearest friends.  I loved that I got to spend time and take care of me and to do so without guilt.  I even allowed myself to go to bed even later on Saturday night and to wake up later Sunday morning.  I cut myself a break and made it okay that I accomplished 1 of the possible 3 projects I brought with me.  I am renewed, refreshed, and rejuvenated...and slightly lighter ;)