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Spa Weekend Getaway

So here it is, my first spa get away weekend. My very first time to go on a mini-vacation without the kids or my hubby and what do I do? I wake up at my normal time of around 6:30am. I tried to keep sleeping and made it to 7:07am. I spoke with my husband last night and he said he would laugh at me if I went to be before 10:30pm. As he put it I would be able to sleep in so why not stay up late. I thought, yeah, you're right. I finished my almost 4-yr. old son's baby book and read until midnight...and I woke up early. Huh.....I know that if I was at home, I would still be sleeping. I don't sleep as well without my hubby.

Last summer my hubby went to Chicago on business for 6 weeks. While the kids and I joined him after the first 3 weeks, the 3 weeks without him were tough on me. At the time my son had just turned 3 and my daughter was 8 1/2 months old.  I missed my husband like crazy and trying to take care of the needs of two little ones on my own was hard. I think I psyched myself out thinking that I could not do it alone.  My husband and I really are a team and the child-rearing is a team effort in my house.  My kids are great, but I love that my husband takes over after he gets home from work and plays with the kids. He gives me a few minutes to veg out on my own before we say nighttime prayers and he puts the kids to bed.  So not having him for 3 weeks was like missing half of me.

Soon after the Chicago trip my husband suggested that I go away for a spa weekend with a friend. This was said over the summer and it's February and I've finally done it.  At the time of the suggestion I was still nursing my daughter. So I set the date to be sometime after she weaned. When I was telling one of my best friends about Will's suggestion (fully intending for her to go with me) she asked me, "Are you asking me to go with you?" YES!!!!!  Her husband was in the room I think I saw the faintest look of nervousness as all husbands do when they realize that their wife might go off and leave them with the children for more than a few hours.  HA!  I think my husband didn't think I would go through with it. But I knew that if I had a partner in crime, then we would hold each other accountable and really go and leave our families for a couple of nights and spend time pampering ourselves.  What better partner to have than your former college roommate and best friend of 13 1/2 years?

J. and I decided that we were actually going to do this and set up a date to go.  After doing some research we decided where and what. I volunteered to make the call and make reservations. When I did I think I closed my eyes and held my breath. Almost like pulling off a band-aid. I couldn't believe I was doing it. Putting down a deposit meant that I really was going to go away for 2 nights and spend some time on my own. Holy cow!!!!!  I'll admit that I didn't talk about it much with my hubby or plan for it or think about it. It was like a dream and if I thought too hard I'd be sure I'd imagine all of it.

So here we are in a little in-town suite in Berkley Springs.  We spent the night scrapbooking and listening to music and catching up. The hubbies are at home with the children.  I feel a little guilty leaving my children and taking time for myself, but at the same time I think that maybe my BF should do this again in the next year to two years when neither of us will be pregnant or nursing (which we are both kind of hoping will happen in the next 12 months).  I think that J. and I are getting to a point in our lives that it is okay to take step away and spend some time by ourselves. Our husbands are great hands-on fathers, and our first children are getting old enough to be of some help around the house...at the very least more independent.  So I'm thinking we should make this an almost annual get away and make it annual after we are done having children. It's kind of hard going away when you are hugely pregnant or nursing an infant. So J. if you are game let's do this again and make a deal that it won't be more than 2 years before go away again!