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So...When are You Due?

So I must have popped over the weekend, because 7 new people mentioned my pregnancy over the last 2 days. I am currently 25 weeks along.  I feel like I have a long way to go, while at the same time feeling like time is flying by way too fast because before I know it, February will be here!

Before this pregnancy I had planned to continue going to the gym and staying fit with walking and some cycling. But this baby had other plans and prefers for me to sit with my feet up. While I definitely eat better than I did with my first and second pregnancies, I started to put on weight pretty quickly this past month. Easy to do when you're not allowed to even walk around the block with the kids and Hubby makes really, really, really good banana chocolate chip walnut bread for breakfast.

So, I'm really self-conscious about my weight right now and the fact that I feel like a ginormous beach ball rolling everywhere. Or maybe more like Violet Beauregarde when she turns into a blueberry after trying out Willy Wonka's infamous gum. Anyway I feel HUGE.

So on Sunday two different people at Church asked when I was due and if it's a boy or girl. Normal non-judgemental questions.  Then yesterday...

I just dropped off my son at his classroom and was walking out and happened to walk alongside another parent from the same class.

Preschool Mommy #1:  When are you due?
Me: February
PM#1: Big (with eyebrows lifted)
Me: Um, yeah.
PM#1: Just one?
Me: Um, yeah (and started using my daughter as a distraction to get us to hurry through the parking lot).

We part ways and I see a mommy friend (Preschooler Mommy #2) parked next to my car. She's trying to get her daughter buckled in.

PM#2: So when are you due? January or December?
Me: February.
Uncomfortable silence ensues as we finishing buckling our daughters into their carseats.

This is making me think that I must have really packed on the weight  in the last week.  If only these women knew #1 that I'm smaller than I was for the first two pregnancies, and #2, I'm not allowed to do much because of spotting and contractions!!!!!  If only they knew. Argh!

By the way, I am by no means a small woman, and I own that.  However, I did lose 25 pounds before conceiving Baby #3 and was getting thinner by the week. I was at my healthiest this past Spring running on a regular basis and starting spin classes.  Knowing that I was able to lose weight on my own without resorting to Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, South Beach, Diet, or Nutrisystem was awesome. I had tried a few of those systems in the past and never lost a lot of weight and/or kept it off. By exercising and watching what I ate I finally lost the dreaded baby weight from my first born and kept it off!

However the day was redeemed in several ways:

Picking up Boogie from school:
PM#3: You're expecting. When are you due?
Me: February. I know it's a long way off...
PM#4: No, it's not, it's just around the corner. You look like your carrying it well. You look good.
Me: Thank you!
PM#5 (and one who currently has an infant): Yeah, you look good. You're carrying it well.

Whether or not it's true, it totally made up for the morning. However, the best part of my entire day was walking into Buggy's bedroom while Hubby was saying bedtime prayers with the kids. I happened to hear them praying for Mommy and the Baby.  When I walked in, the kids each said, "God Bless, Baby" and kissed my belly.  Okay, yeah. That was totally the best part of my day. I love my family!