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Baby Names

You would think that after having one son, that Hubby and I would have a list of names we didn't use, but we don't. It was really hard to come up with a name that we both liked. For Baby #1 Hubby kept campaigning for Atticus after a character in his favorite book, To Kill a Mockingbird.  I vetoed.  Our son is named after both grandfathers. And he likes to use his full name, no nicknames please.

For our daughter I had a name in mind and stuck with it. She is named after my grandmother and Hubby's great aunt. I love her name as well. We use a shortened version of her name, but recently she has told me that her name is her full name. Again, no nicknames please. I don't think it's going to stick. For two years we have called her by both and her extended family usually uses the shortened version.

Now we are on to Baby #3 and he is a boy. We're stuck again. We actually had a girl name picked out and we were both pretty happy with it.  But nada on the boy names. Even the ones we sort of liked before aren't necessarily in the running.  We honestly don't have a name for this little guy.

Boogie, however, has already named him. Some background:  before Buggy was even a glimmer in our eye my son told me that he wanted a sister and that the next baby would be a girl. He was right.  When thinking about this current baby, Boogie told us he was done with sisters and that he was going to have a brother. He was right.  The funny thing is that well over a year ago, before this baby was even in our thoughts Boogie came up to me one night, told me that I was having a boy and that his name would be Isaac.  He has stuck by that name.  However, it was never a name that Hubby and I have discussed or even considered.  But who am I tell a young man who seems to have the inside scoop with the Big Man Upstairs that it's not in the running? So now it's a consideration.

I have a name that I've been playing with, but here's the deal. Hubby has a cousin that lives in another state. We're friendly, we saw him and his family last Summer when we were up his way on a business trip.  I think Hubby is LinkedIn with him and possibly Facebook friends, but other than that, not too much contact.  They had a daughter about a year before we did and gave her the name that I wanted to give our daughter. I was shocked because it's not a common name. But Hubby's cousin's wife had given her favorite baby doll that name when she was a kid and loved it so much she gave the name to her daughter.  Again, I gave the same name to my daughter because it was my grandmother's name.  Hubby's cousin just had a son, and yep...they gave him the name that was on my top 3 list. So what to do? Do I go forward with the name or do I say forget it, because now it's just weird and I look like I'm copying? I haven't decided yet.

But I better decide soon. Boogie has been praying for baby Isaac this past week and if I don't come up with another name, the baby will be Isaac or Lucifer. Because, yeah, he suggested Lucifer last night. Um, no. Lucifer is not in the running. Thankyouverymuch!