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Our Little Night Owl

Our Little Night Owl

I still think that putting both kids in the same room was a good idea. I'll stick to that because of the hours of contented play that I've been able to observe. However, there has been one drawback. Since moving in, Boogie has shown Buggy how to use the door knob and open doors, and as a result we have a little night owl.

Every night after Hubby tucks the kids in to bed, Buggy will sit and talk to Boogie until he falls asleep. When he falls asleep she starts her little night escapades and she comes out of the room at least 5-8+ a night.  She slips out of her room, comes to our room and tells us she has to use the potty. Of course, not wanting to pass up an opportunity to potty train I take her. I realize that this is a ploy to staying up later, but I also don't want to lose any chances to potty train, so I'm putting up with it for now.

The next several times she comes out of her room it's to tell us that she will wake up in the morning and wake us up.  She also kisses us a billion times and kisses my belly a billion times. Who can resist sweet kisses from our darling 2 year old?  We've done the "Nanny 911" one thing and dutifully put her back in her room without comment. We do this several times a night. We've found that the only thing that works is that our lights are out and we go to bed, too. Then she realizes that she has no audience and goes back to bed until morning. We've tried to watch tv downstairs and leave most of the lights off and the tv low, but the little stinker knows that we're up and doesn't want to miss out on anything.

Friends have suggested putting a doorknob toddler lock on the bedroom door, but I can't do that because Boogie will get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. If he can't get out, he'll freak because he'll be in a half sleep and won't know what's going on. Can't do a gate for the same reason. So right now we've just got to convince our night owl to stay in bed. And it doesn't matter what time she finally sleeps, our little stinker still wakes up at 7:30 every morning without fail.

I think my husband's last words to me last night before we fell asleep was, "She's defeated us."

While that's not entirely true, it certainly fell like it last night ;)