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Scheduling Changes

I love that both kids have been taking dance classes the last few months.  I've seen Buggy use some of the moves she's learned from Miss C. and use them when we have our family dance parties in the kitchen. She tries to use the right foot position when doing some of her ballet moves. I think that it has also been good for Boogie. Watching the two of them dance around our kitchen when the music is playing has been a lot of fun.

But with the new baby coming in the next two weeks, it was time to say goodbye to Boogie's dance classes. He's been asking since December if he can stop. He loves the classes, but Wednesdays have become very long days for us.  Every other Wednesday we have a MOPs meeting, although it's been canceled the last two times because of inclement weather.  But if we have a MOPs meeting, we leave the house before 9am.  Fortunately, MOPs and preschool are in the same building so after MOPs, Boogie will play with some of his MOPs friends until it's time for school, but then he is gone until 3:30pm then we leave the house again at 4:30 for dance classes and we get home around 7:30pm. It's a really long day for all of us. I use Thursday to recuperate.

I had Boogie stay with his dance classes so that he could participate in the Winter recital and he was glad that he did. But now he's decided he's done. We were going to stop by them soon anyway because it's almost t-ball season. With him being willing to stop earlier and our soon-to-be-born son arriving any time now, it's probably good timing. I was worried about how I was going to juggle 3 children for 2 hours every Wednesday night. Now, it will be for only 45 minutes. That will be easier for me to handle. By the time I get a handle on it, we will have two evening activities (each on separate nights): Buggy's dance classes and Boogie's T-ball.  I think by then I will have had more sleep (I hope!) and have a better grasp of having 3 children.

I still want the kids to participate in whatever activities they want as long as time and finances allow. But I will have to start looking at our schedule to see what we can truly handle and when. With that being said, I'm glad that Buggy is still taking dance classes. She's learning a lot and with her still too young to be in preschool, this may be her only activity for the next year and a half. I like that Boogie tried something different of his own choosing and enjoyed it. He still wants to take classes again next year, but we'll see what his schedule will look like because he will also be starting full-time kindergarten.

But as we wait for Baby #3 we'll see what other changes will come our way!