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New Beginnings...

Yesterday I was in the parking lot at Giant loading my groceries into the van and I just felt like crying. I've been wondering if I'm suffering from prenatal depression and then it hit me, NO! I am just clearly exhausted! All I really want to do is crawl into bed and sleep for a week. It's because I'm up 2-3 times a night going to the bathroom, I have two kids, I've developed pregnancy insomnia, and I'm 16 weeks into my pregnancy growing a baby! Duh! of course any reasonable person could figure this out. But let's face it, I'm 16 weeks pregnant, my brain is like swiss cheese, and I'm far beyond reasonable at this point.  Do you know it's taken 3 different people to remind me that I'm growing a baby and that it's hard work? I forget that little fact because all the work is being done unconsciously. My body knows exactly what to do and I'm just along for the ride.

I have to remind myself to take it easy and remember that it's okay to do just what I can do. No one else is judging me (I hope!). Thankfully now that we're into the 2nd trimester, my energy is strongest in the morning. I'm able to get more done and feel good while doing it.  My energy starts to wane around 1pm. It just so happens that Boogie is starting school and his hours are 12:30-3pm. Perfect timing! Bug and I can rest while Boogie is being academically stimulated and in good hands.  When I first found out B's schedule I was a little disappointed. I prefer mornings, but I realize that this schedule is much more suited to our situation right now. Whew!I'm looking forward to the start of school and to beginning of school year routines.  School, sports, dance classes will keep us all busy, but hopefully be fulfilling and enriching experiences for the kids.  Having Boogs in school 4 days a week will give me some extra personal time with my favorite little girl before the new baby comes along. Before Bug came along I had decided to take some time off of teaching to spend some extra time with the Boog before she came along. This was good for us and really help to cement our relationship. I think this little extra bonding time with Buggy will be helpful for us, too. Here's to a new school year, new experiences for the Boogie Monster, bonding time with my little Ladybug, and some rest for Mama!