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Music Lovin' Household

Our home is filled with music on a regular basis, be it the kids singing, my husband's singing, my (very off-key) singing, radio, or CDs. We love music.  I love that we have music in the house.  One of the best Christmas presents my husband ever bought me was a little kitchen CD/radio system that is mounted on the underside of the cabinets.  It's out of the way, but it gives me the opportunity to fill the house with music. When I'm making dinner or cleaning up the kitchen I'll put in a book on CD and have "my time" because the kids are usually resting or being put to bed by Daddy.

One of the parts about having music on in our kitchen is the impromptu dance parties we have. I love it! Our kitchen is large enough to hold a table and chairs and there's room between the table and the stove that is a nice wide open space. You will often find 3 of us, if not all 4 of us, dancing to something on the radio. We dance as if our hearts are depending upon it.  Buggy wiggles back and forth. Boogie man dances like a crazy mad man and Mommy and Daddy are a little goofy in their dancing. I admit I have no rhythm, but who has to know besides my family and well, now all of you? I have to thank J. for teaching me how to enjoy dancing in college and to do it and enjoy the music without being self-conscious. Now you've got a crazy dancing mama.

Just this morning we put on a veggie tales best of Christian Hit music. Bug immediately started wiggling and Boogie started singing the words.  LOVE it!

Some of our favorite artists/songs:
Big Big House
Sadie Hawkins Dance
Beach Boys
They Might Be Giants
Veggie Tales CDs (Here I am to Worship and Christian Hit Music)

The list could go on!

Do you ever do an impromptu dance party?  What are some of your favorite songs to dance to?