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"Mama, You Never Make Mistakes"

If it were only true. This past Saturday, Boogie and I went to the bookstore to pick up a gift for a friend.  I was cutting it close on time because we had another event we were attending in the afternoon. The entire time we were in the store, Boogie was fantastic. He helped to choose the gift for his friend, found books he was interested in, and followed me around the store.  After paying for my books I realized that I was 15 minutes later than I wanted to be.

I said frantically, "Boogs, we gotta go!  Mama is late. I didn't realize the time!"
B: "Sorry, Mama. Sorry for making us late."
M: "Not your fault, Baby. It's my fault. We've gotta go."
B: "Mama, you never make mistakes! It must be my fault!"
M: "If that were only true."

This was bittersweet for me. My little Boogie man has so much confidence in me that he thinks I never make mistakes. If only he knew how many mistakes I made on any given day. How hard I work to try to be the best mommy to him and Bugs, but I'm not perfect.

His confidence was so sweet and endearing. Yet, at the same time, what am I doing so that he's taking the burden on himself?  Is it my frantic, "Boogs, we gotta go! We're going to be late for school. Stop dawdling"that makes him think that we're always late because of him (see! if he thinks that, then I'm obviously making mistakes!) Probably. *sigh*

Thanks, for your confidence, Boogie Man. I just wanna be the best mommy for you, Bug, and Baby. I'll keep tryin'. Love you.