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"Wa Ewe"

Last night, poor Boogs woke up screaming and crying after being asleep for only 30 minutes. We have found out that he is terribly allergic to poison ivy and the rash has slowly creeped up all over his torso in the last 10 days.  He's been a trooper and hasn't complained. Because it has gotten drastically worse we went to the doctor yesterday and she gave a topical ointment with some cortisone in it. Last night was the worst he's felt in all this time.

We managed to calm him down and he lied in bed with me watching a little tv. His crying woke his sister who did some sympathy crying and screaming in her own room. Hubby got her out of bed and took her downstairs while he finished closing up the house for the night.  She came up a few minutes later with Boogies "travel" bag. A little canvas book bag that holds Boogie's treasures for his imaginary trips to Maui, Africa, and other far off places. Inside is trusty Chester and Boogies favorite yellow blanket.  She knew Boog wanted it and brought it to him. She then proceeded to crawl into bed with us. Of course being not even two she stepped on both of us as she walked her way to the other side of Boogs and promptly got under the covers.

Boogs being grumpy fussed at her for walking on him. She looked at him and said, "Wawwy, Wawwy" (Sorry, sorry). She said with sincerity, but one of the best things about her is that she doesn't get upset when Boogs reprimands her. She says "Wawwy" and moves on. LOVE her!

I asked Boogs to thank Bug for bringing his bag. "Thanks, Bug." He then stretched out his arms to her and says, "Hugs!"  Bug leans in and hugs him back and says, "Hugs!" and goes back to watching tv. As she settles under the covers and just before she puts her thumb in her mouth I hear "Wa ewe" (Love you)

(Buggy is just starting to say "wa ewe" on her own without being prompted. This is the first time I heard her say it to Boogs. I think my heart melted instantly after their little exchange!)