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Mommy, I've Got You

Mommy, I've Got You

I'm 33 weeks pregnant (the doctor finally moved up my due date and it looks like I should go around Feb. 7th.)  I'm hormonal and emotional. I'm given to bouts of weepiness, but fortunately, not for long periods of time.  And I'm exhausted. Despite all of this, I feel pretty good. I'm excited, jubilant, and filled with anticipation.

But as far as pregnancy goes, something can be said and the tears will come. It's really nothing more than exhaustion and the emotional stress that comes with it because I am so tired. But sometimes I just need a few minutes by myself to cry.  Get it out and then I'm fine. But having a husband and two children, I have very little time to myself.

This past weekend, I just needed to let it out. I went upstairs to let the tears flow and my sweet Baby Bug followed me.  I try not to cry in front of the kids...I don't want them to worry and really it's nothing more than sheer exhaustion.  But Bugs followed me, hugged my belly, patted my arm, and made soothing shushing noises. Then she said, "It's okay Mommy. I've got you. I've got you, Mommy. All better now?"

How could I not be all better after her sweet comfort?  The phrase "I've got you, I've got you" is one she has heard from me a number of times. When she is tired and needs comfort, when she's hurt herself, or feels an injustice has been made unto her by her brother, she turns to me. I hold her tight, I shush in her ears, and I say, "It's okay, Baby. I've got you. I've got you. Mommy's got you. I won't let go." She calms down and revels in my love for her.

It's nice to know that it's comforting to her and that she thinks it will be comforting to me when she turns to do it for me.  It looks like we've got each other. My kids make me one lucky and blessed Mama.  I love you, Sweet Bug!