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Heard Around the House

Conversations take place around the house. Sometimes I am part of them, sometimes they are between the kids. This is what has been said in the last week:

Boogie to Me:
B:  Mommy, you'll have to come to my wedding.
M: Of course, are you inviting me?
B: Yes, and you'll have to bring a gift.
M: What would you like?
B (very seriously):  A "chee-vee." I want my own "chee-vee" (t.v.)
M: Who are you marrying?
B: I can't tell you, it's a secret.
M: Do I know who the lucky little girl is?
B: Yes, she is my best friend and her name begins with J.
(He's referring to his best friend of 4 1/2 years. That would be so sweet :))

Me to Boogie and Buggy to Boogie:
M: Boogs let's go.
Boogie whining
M:  Boogs, stop being ridiculous
B: I'm not being ree-dic-u-wuss
Buggy (in a sing-song taunting voice): Yes, you are being ree-dic-u-wuss (I think she may have sashayed as she walked away from him).

Boogie to Buggy:
Boogie: Buggy, you'll be a mommy soon (said as she is playing with her baby doll).  Well not soon. A long time from now. Definitely before you're 21.

Hubby to Me:
Thank you, Honey, for doing all you've done to get ready for Christmas. If it weren't for you, we'd just have a tree, decorations, and lights.

I look forward to what I'll hear when everyone is home next week :)