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I'm a LOSTie. I fell in love with the television series LOST two seasons ago when it was already well underway and already had a huge following.  In the beginning I was against getting on the bandwagon and watching the newest trend. I mean, really, people lost at sea? Didn't we do that already when the Minnow was lost and people were stranded on Gilligan's Island?  Wasn't LOST just the same concept without the humor?

I was wrong. My husband and I stumbled upon LOST using our Netflix. After months, maybe years of hearing my sisters and brothers-in-law discuss LOST's plot I thought, What the heck? Let's Netflix it and see what all the buzz is about. Since then, we have been devoted LOSTies, netflixing LOST and picking several nights a week as our LOST time after our son was in bed.

LOST came at a time when I needed it most.  To me it was more than the intriguing storyline, the captivating characters, the stunning scenery, the fitting music.  It was a time for me to, well, get lost. To become lost in someone else's plight, to become lost in someone else's adventure, to follow story clues, to have questions and few answers, and to be left with even more questions and to be okay with that.

LOST became my refuge during a time when things were lost in my own world. I was working at a job that I loved that didn't seem to love me back.  I was working with people who liked my strong personality and independence, until they didn't like the line I was toeing.  I was being true to myself and at the same time losing sight of what was important in my personal life because I was overwhelmed with the pressure at work to do things a different way.

Through LOST I think I gained a little of Sawyer's sarcasm, Sayid's hope for redemption, Kate's rebelliousness, Jack's leadership, Hugo's gracious heart, Sun's change of heart, Jin's protective spirit, Claire's desire to keep her son and be a mommy, and Charlie's courageousness.  It was during my LOST time that I decided to take some time off from my job and become a stay-at-home Mom. The best decision I ever made.

As the LOST series comes to an end I am sad to see the characters go.  However, I think I've taken a little bit of each of their personalities to carry me forward. I'll miss getting LOST, but at least now I'm found...

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