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I've mentioned many times about my husband business travels and how hard they are on all of us.  I'm blessed that he does not have to travel frequently and I'm blessed that I have enough family and friends around to give us a hand or to provide a day of distraction for us.  It's still hard, but I really need to put on my big girl pants and get beyond that.

The other day I noticed a rainbow on our drive.  It was beautiful and this picture I took with my cell phone certainly does not do it justice.

I started thinking about rainbows and how they are created with a little rain and a little sunshine.  I thought about my husband traveling and the kids and I doing things together without an important member of our family unit.  I thought about how that was the rain in our week and I thought about the little bits of sunshine that we had that made rainbows during our weeks.

**Boogie finally nighttime dry. Awesome!
**The kids taking Hubby's travel in stride and doing well.
**Boogie being extra helpful
**Spending Mother's Day with my parents and my children
**Boogie comforting me and telling me that it's hard when Daddy's gone, and giving me hugs.
**Having a friend willing to come down with her girls and spend the day with us even though she is incredibly busy.
**Having lunch with a good friend and spending time with her before she moves to Australia.
**My parents graciously taking my kids the night before the 5-miler and taking them to my son's t-ball game.
**My parents having us over for dinner
**Running an awesome race and having a friend cheer me on.
**Watching my son's last preschool sing for the school year.
**Having great teachers who have taught my son well.
**Catching up with a friend on the phone because I had some extra time
**Extra time I got to spend with my kids

Boy, am one lucky gal. I had a lot of sunshine last week and was able to find many rainbows. Now I'm enjoying the time with my husband before he goes on another business trip in the near future. But at least now I know that I can do it. Now time for me to try on those big girl pants and make sure they fit before my husband's next business travel...