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Lost Keys Provide Cleaning and Organizing Opportunity

This blog is so aptly named. I really am the epitome of the Discombobulated Mommy. I work really hard to be organized and for me it is hard work. It is not something that comes naturally to me.

Yesterday, I lost my keys...again.  We have a key hook and I thought that I always put them there. That's where they usually are when I find them. When I lost my keys several weeks ago and I called my husband at work to ask if he'd seen them I told him that they weren't in their usual place and that I put them on the key hook about 90% of the time. How about 50% of the time? My wonderful husband often finds them on the counter, on a side table, on the kitchen table or on our bed and puts them on the key hook for me so that I can find them in the morning.  That morning I happened to find them between the footboard and our mattress. They had fallen out of my jeans pocket and fallen there. Go figure!

I lost them again, yesterday. I had already fed and dressed the kids and they were ready for us to go to the gym. I started looking for my keys and after a few minutes realized they were not in any of the usual places.  My 3 year old followed me around the house giving me advice about what I should do: "Mommy, you should really put away your keys in the right place.  Mommy, you should always put away your things. Mommy, you should really clean up the stuff around the house."  Sage advice, not helpful when you are trying to find your lost item. He followed me around the house spouting suggestions and advice.  I finally turned on the tv and asked him to watch television so that I could look for my keys in peace.

I eventually did find them. I called my husband again and he had accidentally taken them to work. He saw them on the kitchen table and picked them up to put them on the key hook and accidentally put them in his pocket and walked out the door.

Nonetheless, the lost keys encouraged me to organize the house. We couldn't go anywhere and I went on a cleaning frenzy. I, of course, avoided the pile of papers on the kitchen counter that I need to go through to recycle and put away. I just don't have the time to do it. I also need to be less frenzied when I do it...or do I? However, the bathrooms and my bedroom look great!