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Good Samaritan

Yesterday I went shopping at Costco.  I hate shopping at Costco.  Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with the store itself and I like shopping in bulk for things like diapers and wipes. But for me,  it's too crowded, it's overwhelming, and going to a superstore with two kids is not my idea of fun.  I think it's because I am easily overstimulated which I think is due to my self-diagnosed ADD. I jump from one thing to the next and I do not have the patience to go up one aisle and down another.  I went yesterday to get some things we needed for my son's birthday party on Sunday. I also had coupons for things we use all the time like diapers, wipes, kitty litter, etc.  I went yesterday instead of waiting for my husband to do it today because I wasn't sure if he would get off of work on time, and our Saturday is jammed with a T-Ball game in the morning, a friend's wedding in the afternoon, and party prep in the evening (cleaning, decorating, goody bags, cake, and food prep).

If I go to Costco I go to pick up pictures and that's it. I hate fighting for a parking space. But I went and I thought that I could get in and out pretty quickly. I had my list and having gone a few times with my husband I had a pretty good idea where everything was in the store.  Um, rule #1....Feed your kids before going to a superstore.  I thought I could get in and home in time for lunch. No such luck.  The minute we walked in my son started complaining about being hungry. Now this is the kid who will wait until 2pm to have lunch on any given day even though I try to feed him around noon. It was 11:30am earlier than any of us usually have lunch. But Murphy's law...

We got most of the items on my list and a few of my coupon items that we needed. I ran out of room in my mongo cart so we headed to check out.  In the meantime the kids are sitting next to each other and pushing each other. My son is begging for the food from the sample tables.  My daughter is trying to eat her samples and her brother's. And I realize that even though I'm in pretty good shape, a 40 lb. container of kitty litter is still really heavy.

We make it through check out. I break my lenten fast of no beef for the family by buying my son an all-beef hot dog because the meal came with a drink and I didn't want to spend extra money on a drink. I didn't eat the beef and I figured...eh, he's 3, does it really count if he breaks the fast as long it was not me? I was desperate at this point.

We make it to the parking lot and I get the kids in the car. My daughter is screeching for the smoothie I bought for the kids. My son is going on and on about how he's hungry and can he eat in the car and I've got a cart full of heavy stuff.  I open the van trunk look at the stuff in the car, look in the van and sigh loudly, roll up my sleeves and start putting things in. A man walked by, I think he worked in the garage at Costco, and stopped. The conversation went a little like this:

"Can I help you put the water in the car?"
"Wha? Huh? Wha?"
"Do you want the water in the car?"
"Water? Car? Wha?"
"Would you like me to help you put the water in the car?" (very slowly)
"Oh, yes, that would be great. Thank you."
"I heard you sigh, it was really loud and sounded tired. I thought you would like some help."
"Oh, yes, I would. Thank you. Um, could you put the kitty litter in the car, too? I can do everything else if you just get the litter."
"No problem."
"Thanks so much!"

Yes, apparently my sigh was so loud someone felt the need to help. I honestly didn't think it was that loud or that anyone heard me, but I think I was so exasperated by this point I was just digging in and doing what I could to just get us out of there.  Thank goodness for Good Samaritans. They are still out there. It made my day a little easier and was a great example to my son that some people are just really nice and will help you out when you need it.

We made it home, put the frozen stuff away. Ate lunch, played video games with my son, and snuggled my daughter.  The rest of our booty is still sitting in the front hall. I'll get to it later :)