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Catch Up Week

I've posting about the craziness of my weeks. It seemed to just become more chaotic the closer we got to my son's birthday.  Between all the sports activities and prepping for the party, we were on the move an awful lot.  One of our routines is to go to the gym on a daily basis. Last week I was informed that the childcare for the gym would be closed this week due to some remodeling.  Well, huh...

I was given suggestions about going to other facilities that were near by and part of the same chain. But I'm particular about who watches my kids and I'd rather wait it out. My kids love the ladies that currently watch them at the gym, so forget it, I'm not going anywhere new for the week.  It was also suggested that I come at night when my husband comes home from work. He doesn't get home until 6:30. By the time dinner is over and the kids are in bed, I'm ready to be in my jammies and spend time with my husband, reviewing the day or watching a favorite television show.

So I did what any sane person would do in this instance, I signed up for a 5:30am Spin class this week. That's right, you read it right. I signed up for a 5:30 AM Spin Class.  I figured I could go and be back before my husband left for work.  Yesterday I didn't hear my alarm go off, but I made it this morning. Not bad, I must say. I could do this and make it work. I've already been to the gym, showered, had my morning devotional, and now I'm blogging. I feel like my day is already half over. But we all know that it's just beginning because the kids will wake up any minute now. I might actually get to do some of things we can do during the day because we're at the gym.

I feel like the gym takes up a lot of our time. And it does. It's probably a two hour process: prepping for the gym, going to the gym, leaving the gym, coming home and getting lunch, etc.

Yesterday, I didn't wake up in time so we ended up not going anywhere. I planned to clean and straighten the house yesterday and I actually got to do it! Granted the kids and I stayed in our jammies all day, but that's fine! My son had time to play with a lot of his new birthday presents. I was able to get everything checked off my cleaning "to do" list and I had time to play games with the kids, read to them, and just spend time with them without any pressures to go anywhere or do anything. It was really nice! Today we will run errands after the kids are up for the day, but we won't have to cram everything in. We'll get done what we get done. This is a nice reprieve from our usually chaotic schedule. We'll do this all week!  Ahhhh, 5:30am Spin Class...this might work!