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Jumping Mr. Bananas

When I had my first baby, everything seemed to happen in a blur. A lot of it had to do with being a new mommy, sleep deprivation, having a newborn, sleep deprivation, juggling motherhood and my career, and did I mention sleep deprivation?  While each new milestone was amazing, I don't think I was able to savor each moment the way I would have liked because I was overwhelmed and exhausted.

With baby #2, I was able to enjoy each milestone a little bit more, but I was also mommy to a toddler. While I felt that I had the ins and outs of mothering an infant, I was learning how to mother a toddler and how to juggle two kids. So while milestones were amazing, savoring them was not at the top of my list.

Now I have baby #3, who is quickly showing me that he is swiftly leaving babyhood far behind and he is very much a toddler.  I'm still trying to catch milestones, though I will never ever be able to catch up on the teeth chart on any of the baby books! I feel like my brain has finally caught up and I now have a chance to enjoy some of these milestones as if they are brand new. Boogie is old enough to be helpful, does not need as much guidance as he once did, and he is more independent. Even though Buggy is a preschooler and the same age as Boogie was when I had him, I feel like I have a better handle on what to expect so I am able to give Mr. Bananas some more attention and be more aware of his milestones.

Last Saturday, Mr. Bananas demonstrated his attempt at jumping and I'm so glad I was able to get it on video. It is adorable. I vaguely remember when the other two started jumping, and how they would be so proud. Now I have it on video with Mr. B.  He tries so hard. He is able to get one foot off the ground and he is tickled that he can "jump." He loves to show off his new skill and loves when we wildly applaud his efforts. Did I mention it's stinkin' cute?  He was able to demonstrate his skill at a family birthday party on Sunday and his Godmother, grandmother, and cousins had a front row view and cheered and applauded. My little ham ate it all up.

I love that I was able to catch this!