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Great Ideas

The other day, we got a new refrigerator.  It was desperately needed as we still had the original from when our house was built over 20 years ago. Since moving in three years ago the original refrigerator has slowly stopped working...the lightbulb burnt out and we never replaced it, the handle kept falling off, I had to kick the bottom of the fridge to make sure that it closed all the way, it froze the food in the back, the ice maker stopped working, and the layout was horrible and I could never find anything. And within the last few months it started to make this horrible moaning, whining noise like it was giving it all it could to stay on.  After a few weeks of research we were able to find a more energy efficient refrigerator, with a better layout that was also on sale. We are very happy campers.

I was at a doctor's appointment when the refrigerator came. I came home to a brand new appliance and to the box it came in sprawled in our living room. I was totally okay with this, because do you know how many hours my kids will be occupied by a single box?  They spent all day playing with it.But here is what I missed while I was gone--Boogie's great idea that Hubby fortunately heard from a different room:Boogie: Hey, Buggy. Let's take the box to the top of the stairs and slide down!Buggy:  Okay! (very enthusiastically)(Hubby comes around the corner to find the kids trying to lug the ginormous box up the stairs to try their grand sliding adventure).Fortunately he stopped them and made them a mini slide using the step down from the foyer into the living room which suited them just fine and meant there were no accidents.  But leave it up to my son to try the next great adventure and for my daughter (his faithful and adoring sidekick) to follow his lead. Never a dull moment :)