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Musings on Baby #3

I am 31 weeks along and the countdown is definitely on now that I am on to single digits until my due date.  I can't believe how quickly the time has flown.  I'm also busy with the kids, Advent, Christmas, and in the back of my mind are thoughts of moving the current two children into the same room, adding a splash of blue onto the walls of the nursery, washing Boogie's baby clothes that I held onto in case we had another boy, and making freezer meals so that I don't have to cook after the baby is born.

Despite all that, I am ready. Not ready, like I'm done being pregnant. But ready in, yeah, let's do this!

Hubby and I have talked about it and neither of us are stressed, anxious, or worried about when the baby arrives.  Maybe it's that we've done this twice before. Maybe I've realized that life just goes on and this time you cart around a baby. Or maybe we're just too busy with Advent and Christmas and we don't have time to devote to being anxious or stressed.

One of my friends told me she thinks I have pregnancy and post-partum amnesia.  That may be it, but I really don't think so. I remember having Boogs and the stress of trying to figure it all out and not doing a very good job.  I struggled, cried, and doubted my abilities.  I was also working full-time and trying  to still be Superwoman at work and then don the same cape for home.  With Buggy the whole experience was different. I realized my shortcomings and realized they weren't that bad and I also realized that only so much can get done in a 24-hour day and that the world didn't come crashing to an end when things didn't get done.  I reveled in new (again) mommyhood and most importantly I wasn't working outside the home.

I'm still not working outside of the house. And while I know there will be late nights, exhaustion, sleep-deprivation...I'm not worried. I'm not saying that it will be perfect, but I think it some ways it will be easier.  Boogie is pretty independent and can be a big help. I think Buggy will love being Mama's helper (though I'm not discounting any of the jealousy she may feel after having me all to herself when Boogie's at school and then having to share me with a constantly nursing baby).  Plus she can do things on her own and that will make it easier.

But overall I feel pretty good. I got this.  I haven't gotten a chance to poll my friends with more than 2 kids. I realize that it will no longer be man-to-man and it will be all about zone...but did you find it was easier when you had a third...or did it still throw you for a loop because it was no longer man-to-man?  I'm curious to your thoughts on this.  Don't worry about freaking me out if it was harder...I'd still like to hear.  Regardless, I feel good and I'm looking forward to meeting our new little man...but not quite yet. He still needs to cook for another 9 weeks. I'm looking forward to holding another sweet baby.