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Trying to Keep Up

I got a pretty good start on Christmas. I ordered the cards shortly after Thanksgiving and began sending them out, but something happened to distract me and I still have a pile to send out. I got a pretty good start on buying Christmas gifts, but as you know, it can't all be done in a day and I still have a few more things to buy.  I started an afghan for our "adopt-a-nun" for Christmas. I began it shortly before Thanksgiving, but it's a big blanket and I've been working on it almost everyday.  My goal is get it done by Wednesday night so that Hubby can take it to the person organizing the gift giving by Thursday so she will definitely have it for the weekend...but things happened and I haven't been able to keep up and I calculated it will take me at least two hours/day until Wednesday night to finish if I'm lucky. All the cookies are baked--check! But I keep looking at my list and realize that I still have quite a bit to accomplish.  In the meantime I've taken a break from making baby blankets and I don't think I'll be able to make as many as I had originally planned to give away.  Baby is coming soon and I'm running out of time.

Even though I started by keeping ahead of the game, I'm still feeling that I'm slowly falling behind. Fortunately not as behind in years past. But still not where I want to be.  I have to remember that Christmas is about spending time with family and friends. It's not about the gifts I give, but letting those close to me know that I love them and that they are appreciated. But I also have to remember to let them know all year long and not just as Christmas.

Part of the stress is trying to get Boogie's room ready to have Buggy in it.  Hubby has been working hard and he has taken down a shelf, done one round of spackle on the wall, and has taken off the border. The next step will be painting, and then eventually moving Buggy's stuff to Boogie's room.  It will get done, it always does, but it's kind of a crazy time of year to try to make big changes and big moves, but really, when is it a good time?  But it will get done.

The kids have been helping keep things in perspective. They talk about advent. They delight in the decorations, the lights, and tree.  They talk about presents to give and people to see.  Boogs has asked to see catalogs and last night when we talked about the possibility of not getting everything he has asked for, he said, "I know. I just like to look. I know that I won't get everything." He said it so sweetly that I think he was sincere in knowing that he wouldn't get everything he's asked for from Santa.

Buggy is happy to be playing with her big brother. Everyday they play a little bit longer together and I'm starting to see a friendship develop and that has been really nice.  She loves to snuggle with me and tell me constantly, "Mama, I love you so much!"

Life is good. I've been learning to look at my list, re-priortize everyday, and take a deep breath. It's been helpful to keep things in perspective and to still enjoy advent and Christmas.  I've also looked at my list and realize that Hubby has his own list and no fair trying to give him some of my things to do so I'm moving along as best as I can.  I'm taking it easy.  The doctor has put me on meds to stop my contractions. It's still to early, I'm only 31 weeks.  But the meds make me feel terrible and I'm allowed to stop taking them when the contractions stop. After taking them all weekend, I'm ready to be off of them for good (and I hope that's the case) and just sit. Makes it harder to get things done, but this is more important.

All else is well. I'm taking things one day at a time. The hugs and kisses and the "I love you so much" I'm getting everyday give me the fuel I need to keep going, to keep up, and to keep the stress at bay.