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Evening up the Score

The day after Hubby left for his trip was rough. The day he left, it was fine. But by 6am the next morning, I felt that I was waaaaaaaay behind.  Bug had woken up around 3am with a wet pull-up that had leaked. Fortunately, if she ever wakes up wet, she automatically changes her pull-up and goes straight back to bed. But if she's leaked, she lets us know and one of us gets up to change her sheets.  At 3am, I was too tired to do it and had her crawl into bed with me after she changed.

I sleep very lightly when Hubby travels, so all 5 times my son woke up to use the bathroom, I also woke up to listen for him and to make sure he made it back to bed alright.  By 5am, Mr. Bananas woke up and I nursed him. By 6am, I put him back in his crib, left Buggy in my bed, and got up to start my day. By this time, I was completely done.  I felt like I dragged all day. It felt like "kids 2, mama 0." However, the day was made immensely easier when my mother showed up unexpectedly to pick up Boogie from school. This allowed for the little kids to nap longer and because of her help, they were able to get an extra hour of sleep they so desperately needed. Not only that, Mom took Boogie home with her and offered to take Mr. Bananas while I took Buggy to dance class.  I dropped him off on the way to class and for the first time all day, I felt that I was able to relax and breathe. Bug danced and I crocheted. It was peaceful...except for when she fell and bit her lip hard and bled all over herself. But even then, I was thankful that Mom had the boys and that I could pay attention to Bug when she needed it. She was able to go back to class and finish up.Mom and Dad met me at my house. They brought over dinner, bathed the kids, and put them to bed.  As awful as the morning started, it ended on a high note. That night was better. Boogie got up only once. Bug woke up once, changed her pull-up and went straight back to bed, and Bananas woke up once around 5am to be nursed. All in all, better. Not great, but better.Thursday night was wonderful! All 3 kids slept through the night and got up at 7:15am. I felt like a new woman on Friday.  It also helped that Boogs had his Spanish class and the little kids were able to nap an extra hour before we picked him up.  We went out to dinner with my parents and then the big kids went home with them for a sleepover. Bananas and I came home and he went to bed immediately. He did not sleep as well as he had the night before, but I noticed that he's getting his molars in, so that could be it.We are still missing Daddy a lot but with my parents help, it's been easier than I had expected.  It also helps that technology has come a long way since I was a kid and my dad went out to sea.  The kids get to see Daddy through Face Time, and he's sent us videos of him singing the good night song, and our good morning song. The kids love seeing him.  When he called yesterday afternoon, Bug jumped up and down and yelled, "DADDY!!!!!  Face time! Woo hoo! Face Time, Woo hoo!!!!!"  If that isn't a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is!The big kids are spending the morning with my parents. They're supposed to go out for a movie and lunch and come back for naps.  I've been able to relax a little, plan out the day, blog, and eat breakfast.  It's been nice. I look forward to seeing them this afternoon. I no longer feel it's "kids 2, Mama 0." I think we might have evened up the score with Lolo and Lola's help. Thanks, Mom and Dad!