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Mr. Bananas Turns 1!

Mr. Bananas Turns 1!
 Trying out gingerbread.
Trying out gingerbread.

With Hubby being gone, I thought I would be able to get so much done after the kids went to bed. But alas, I was so tired every single night that I was in bed well before 10pm.  When Hubby is home he puts the kids to bed. While he's doing that I clean up the house, extra chores, blog, etc. As you can tell, it's been quite a while since my last post.

Hubby came home from his business trip 10 days earlier than expected!!!! We are so excited and have spent the last few days reveling in his presence.  We have spent our time relaxing, visiting a local museum, and just loving that Daddy is back home.

While Hubby was away he missed Mr. Bananas' 1st birthday. We did our best to celebrate this wonderful milestone despite missing an important member of our family.

 Playing with the
Playing with the "Little People" Garage set.

Boogie kept trying to tell me that he shouldn't have to go to school on Bananas' birthday because it should be a holiday. After going around and around on this issue, I found out that he was very concerned that we would be celebrating all day without him. Once I convinced him that we would wait until he came home from school, he was happy to go to school. Boog was also very disappointed when Mr. Bananas woke up and came down in a sleeper and sleep sack. Boogs looked at me very seriously and said, "Are you sure he's 1? He still looks like a baby!" Boogs was so looking forward to Mr. Bananas' first birthday and I didn't realize it was because he thought that Mr. B. would be running and talking like a "big boy."

It was a simple night with brinner (breakfast for dinner).  I made gingerbread, eggs, sausage, and bacon.  We had small cupcakes for dessert.  So tired was our little man that he didn't even open his small gift of Thomas' coaches Annie and Clarabel (from the Thomas the Tank Engine Series) until the next day.  We sang and celebrated the first year for our sweet baby.

 Happy, happy 1st birthday, Mr. Bananas!
Happy, happy 1st birthday, Mr. Bananas!

In the last month our little man is becoming clearer with his words. "Up" with raising his arms is very clear.  He also says, "Bye-Bye, Daddy" while waving goodbye. "Ma, ma, ma, ma" is another of my favorites.

He has a mischievous twinkle in his eyes and he squinches up his nose and eyes when I say, "no" as he turns on the DVD player.  I love kissing his neck right under his left cheek.  He loves to curl up in the crook of our necks when he's sleepy.  I love the way his baby butt wiggles when he crawls quickly to catch up with his siblings. He does not like being left behind and will often crawl or fuss to reach them.  He's climbing the stairs and just the other day I found him at the top of the stairs in a downward dog position with his feet on the top step and his arms a step or two below him. Not the ideal position for learning how to get down the stairs. We're now teaching him to slide down on his belly, feet first.  He loves buttons and loves the remote control, the dvd player, and anything that has a button he can push.  He loves sweets and would rather eat a cupcake or a piece of gingerbread.  His favorite pastime is trying to catch our cats' tails.

His sister loves being with him. Though, as time rolls on, I think that Mr. B. will wish he wasn't his sister's guinea pig for dress ups.  Some of the phrases I have heard recently when she's playing with him are:

Bug: Try this on. You look gorgeous!
Bug:  Let's play dress up!

While he laughs and claps and is a good sport, I think things will change as he becomes older ;)

I love everything about this little man.  Well almost everything. I could do without the high piercing shriek he has developed when he wants attention.  But overall I love this little man! I am in awe!

Happy 1st Birthday Mr. Bananas. You make our world a better place. We love you!