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Deadlines Pass and Discombobulation Ensues

For the last week I have felt off...by like a week. I have missed deadlines and dates, and I have felt like that I am very much off my A-game.  I'm usually very good at remembering what needs to be done, where we need to be, and pretty much what needs to happen hour by hour. This week, no such luck.

In my post, "Busy Days Ahead" I shared a bit of what my week was going to look like. That was two weeks ago and I think I'm still living in that week.  First of all, I invited friends with preschoolers to join us March 12th for the soup supper our Church was doing specifically for preschoolers. Monsignor was making yummy soup and then speaking to the kids about the meaning of Lent. Then we were going to listen to a child-friendly version of the Stations of the Cross.   For one of the parents, I don't have an e-mail address or FB friend status.  I have her cell phone number but didn't feel like texting all of the information in 160 words or less.  I ended up looking her up on FB and sending her message, because you don't need to be FB friends to do that. (She's the parent of one of my son's classmates in preschool).  Well in writing to her on Wednesday, March 10th I told her about the info. I forgot to include the date and sent another e-mail saying it was for March 12th and how it wasn't THIS week but NEXT week. Well guess what...March 12th was last week.  See? I'm off by a week.

Example #2:  I vaguely remembered that we were sent a letter letting us know that my son was accepted 4 days next year at the local preschool.  Yay! I also vaguely remember that the due date for sending in the paperwork to confirm our acceptance was due relatively soon. How about it was due 2 days after receiving the letter and I just remember yesterday! Again, off by a week. It was due LAST week.  I freaked out because it is freakin' hard to get kids into preschool. There are applications to be filled out , fees to be paid, lotteries to attend to get a good number for getting your first choice or to even get into the school.  I frantically tried to leave a message with the person in charge while our family was doing the 2 hour drive to my Goddaughter's 5th birthday party.  Unfortunately, I couldn't do it from my phone and I ended up sending a midnight e-mail to the person in charge when I got home. Of course she isn't going to check her e-mail on a Sunday, but I still wanted it sent ASAP. I plan on going in first thing Monday morning to drop off the paperwork and pray that I haven't lost my spot.  I'm also praying that because all of the snow we had last month, and knowing that the acceptance letter was two weeks late in arriving, that I'll be given a grace period. I was also surprised that no one called to ask if I really wanted to give up my spot. My husband thinks that the school hasn't finished processing all the paperwork, but he also thought the last lottery hasn't happened yet (which it has...2 weeks ago!). Sigh...

Example #3: Sitting in Church today I realized that we hadn't been in to clean the Church in a while. My family volunteers to clean the Church one Saturday a month.  I had the sneaking suspicion that we were supposed to be there yesterday. So during one of the readings I sneaked a glance at my "organizer" (lot of good that's been doing me this week!) and yes, once again I have missed another date. We were supposed to be cleaning the Church yesterday and we missed it.  It was supposed to be this Saturday, not next! Again, off by a week.

So here I sit in discombobulation. My house looks like it's been hit by a tornado and I should really spend some time straightening, organizing, and spring cleaning.  My calendar is overly full and I feel like I'm losing my mind. I feel like I should start re-priortizing, but I feel guilty (see Edvard Munch post to understand where that comes into play). And, none of my clothes fit...the one upside of that is that I need smaller sizes...the downside, I really can't spend a lot of money on a new wardrobe.  Lastly, I just need some sleep! I have been running on empty for, well I guess it's been about a week now.