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Back to School!

I just registered for my first online course to keep up my teaching certification. YIKES! I'm feeling a bit very nervous about balancing the course load and family obligations.  But this is important and I should do this...but YIKES!

I'm wondering if I can handle the pressures, though it is really only one class. And I can do it in my "down" time. Down time, HA!  My certification really does not expire for another two years, but I hate doing things last minute and stressing out about it and wondering if I'll get all of my paperwork in on time.  So here I am, two years ahead of schedule taking 3 of the 6 credits needed by June 2015.  I'm hoping that if I write the state department of education that I can get an intro to writing class approved, because that would be awesome. I am a reading specialist and I think that writing is an integral part of the literacy process.  Do you know how many of our students are unable to write a cohesive paragraph? Or answer a question in writing? I used to make my students write every single day as part of their warm up, as a result, I saw their literacy skills take off. I spoke with my son's teacher from last year and I saw the literacy work he was doing with his emerging readers. Inspirational!

Anyhoo, I'm checking my email every so often to see if my coursework information has been sent to me.  They said it should be sent as early as tonight or in a few days and I can begin immediately.  I'm very excited, too. It's been so long since I've been a student and I'm looking forward to using my brain in other than "mommy mode."  Wish me luck!....YIKES!