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Aloha Flavors Review

If ever you are in Maui, take a day trip to 'Iao Needle Valley State Park. It is a beautiful place. If you have young kids, this is a great place to go. The trails are super easy and it takes maybe 30 minutes to hike it. Just enough for little feet.

On the way back, stop at Aloha Flavors for a shaved ice.  This stand will be found in the parking lot at the Tropical Gardens of Maui, just down the road from 'Iao Needle Valley State Park.

After walking around and exploring, the whole family needed a little pick me up. We saw the shaved ice stand on the way to the park and made a mental note to stop there on the way back. What a great idea! The owner, Lani, is super-friendly, the prices are great, and the treats hit the spot.  She has a little of everything to satisfy the weary traveler. It's a perfect spot for families because she sells kid-friendly food:  shave ice, shave ice with ice cream, smoothies, hot dogs, chips, and drinks.  She even has a fruit stand on the side, so if you want a little fruit to bring home for dinner, she's got it for you!  Lani was great talking to our family.  We found out that we came to visit on her second day of business. We will definitely visit her again the next time we are in Maui.

My kids shared a rainbow shaved ice. They had to share it because it was HUGE. Even I got a few bites without putting a dent in it :)  Hubby got himself a smoothie, made with fresh fruit and a coconut milk, just the thing, since he isn't a big fan of yogurt smoothies. I was hungry and happy to find out that Aloha Flavors also sold hot dogs with the option to buy chips and a drink with it.  After chasing the kids and making sure they didn't fall off the side of the mountain, I had worked up an appetite.

Definitely a place to visit with your family. One note, there is only one small sign at the entrance of the garden center and you might miss it as you drive by.  Look for the Tropical Gardens of Maui and it's right in their parking lot.  Since it was only her second day of business there wasn't any seating available. The family and I parked ourselves on a curb in the shade to enjoy our snacks.  It was still a great picnic and we enjoyed ourselves. Aloha and enjoy!