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Frosted Glass Windows?

Do you all know about frosted glass windows? The ones with the bubbly texture? They are usually used for shower stalls in homes. I think they are fine for private homes. Not in public bathrooms!  With the frosted glass, bubbly windows you are sure to see the person, but no detail. Again, fine for a private home.

Just recently my husband and I took our kids to a kid's birthday party at a museum. It was way cool. They had fun party favors and then after food they got to play and build things. They could make a mess and have fun trying new things. Of course, with young children or and teeny tiny bladder like mine, you are inevitably going to take a trip to the bathroom.

I walked into the bathroom and thought I walked into the wrong room. I looked around. Yup, long row of sinks. Yup, a long row of small, closed rooms. Yup, I'm in a bathroom. Um, hello, is that a frosted glass window in front of the stall?  I peered, yup, I can see the outline of a toilet. Are you kidding me?  I'm a pretty modest person. I'm not a fan of changing in front of people. Even at the gym when I have to use the shower stalls (which of course have frosted, bubbly glass windows) I use a towel over the stall door for modesty.  A lot of the women don't, but I do. But I digress.

I'm not at the gym, I'm at a museum.  I realize that the farther you are from the glass, that less can be seen, but still I really don't want to see anyone sitting on the toilet or vice versa. This is called BAD DESIGN!!!!  Fortunately, it wasn't crowded and I jetted in and out of the stall as fast as humanly possible.   This might have seem like a fun idea to the designer.  I still call it BAD DESIGN! No wants us to be that intimate. Thanks ;)