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Almost Wordless Wednesday--Dancing with the Chosen

Last Sunday we were able to see The Chosen live! It was a wonderful concert and I am so happy to introduce my little ones to children who live in another country, their words, and their music.

Here is a video of Mr. Bananas dancing with The Chosen. I apologize for all the shakiness. I used my phone to take the video and I don't have the steadiest hand. But nonetheless you can see Mr. Bananas dancing and enjoying himself. LOVE!

Mr. Bananas is in the very front in a long-sleeved red shirt speaking to Millie from Chosen. Every now and then he would stop and look for me and say, "Mommy!" but he couldn't see me. But you can catch him cheesing for someone else's camera. This kid loves being on stage.  If you look closely you can see Buggy and her friend Cha Cha dancing behind him.   Enjoy!