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Last week I taught preschoolers at our Church's Bible Camp. It was a great experience. Unfortunately because of a terrible storm the night before, we couldn't begin on Monday because the church didn't have any electricity.  We started on Tuesday and nobody was expecting that we'd get our power back so quickly.

Let me start by saying that last week was a wonderful experience. I absolutely loved it and so did my kids. Boogs loved being in camp and Buggy was a hit in the nursery.

But, ACK!  I was so late the first day of camp. It was so bad. I just couldn't get moving in the morning and it was awful. I finally got us fed and dressed and still had time to barely make it to camp in time to realize that I could not find my keys. I looked everywhere and called my husband in a panic.  I didn't have anyone's number so it wasn't like I could call and tell them that I would still be there, but was running late. I think I had a panic attack as I ran around the house like a chicken with it's head cut off.  After saying a prayer to St. Anthony, the finder of lost things, I found my keys. (St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come around. What has been lost cannot be found.) Let me say that St. Anthony has saved me many a time!

I found my keys headed down the road and realized I left my lesson plan at home. I had to sacrifice an extra 5 minutes going back to the house to pick it up. I truly needed it, otherwise I would have ditched it. But it had my class list and the story lesson for the day. ARGHHHHHH!  Driving down the road I thought we might make it, then the closer we got to church realized that multiple lights were out and we had to do a 4-way stop at each intersection.  I might it to camp 5 minutes after the day was supposed to start. Not only that I still had to put Buggy in the nursery with all of her stuff and check her in and put her in a new environment without any prep. Thank God she's the second baby and goes with the flow!  I also had to walk Boogie to his class and get him settled. Of course as I pull into the lot, the director calls and because I'm fumbling with everything I accidentally hang up on her. I quickly call her back and she is very annoyed and rightfully so!  I'm late and she doesn't know where I am.  And I'm not a little bit late, I'm probably 20 minutes late, because of course I should be there at least 15 minutes before the campers arrive.  That's BAD!  Fortunately, when I ran into her in the hall on the way to my class she was pleasant and nice. I think she was just relieved that I showed up!  I walk into my room and my fabulous teenage helpers (which include the director's daughter!) have already started circle time and getting to know the kids and their names. They're singing and the kids have no idea that I'm way behind. There is a parent there and I'm mortified. I apologize and she's so cool and doesn't give me a hard time.

My teenage helpers tell me to relax and they truly do have it under control. I put away my stuff, take a deep breath, look over the plan one more time and ease into their circle time. The rest of the day went well and the rest of the week even better!  It was a great camp experience, minus the getting there on time part on the first day.

The worst part is that when I spoke to Hubby later in the day he told me he's pretty sure he got a call from the director looking for me. His phone rang, he didn't recognize the number, but answered anyway.  He heard someone say to someone else in a panicked voice, "I can't talk to you right now! I have a teacher who hasn't shown up and we don't know where she is!" He said, "hello" a few times, but the director was so busy that she didn't realize he had picked up and ended up hanging up without speaking to him. Probably about the same time I called to say I was there in the parking lot.

I.am.absolutely.mortified!  I was debating about volunteering next year, but at this rate, I'm too embarrassed to offer my services because I think they think I'm a huge flake!  As you can see this blog is aptly named. I am truly the epitome of the discombobulated mommy. *sigh*